The Corner of Main & Washington…

…or what is now known as Petaluma Blvd & East Washington…

The long standing bank building at 199 Petaluma Blvd N (now known as the Seed Bank) resides on the corner of this intersection.  An imposing structure, to say the least.

Finally, after many walks over the years, I finally noticed something on the sidewalk at this corner of Petaluma Blvd and Washington—street names and a compass symbol embedded as metal inlays in the cement.

The corner was once known as Main & Washington and is memorialized in the sidewalk inlays in front of the building. As to when they were installed and by whom, I was not able to determine and will leave that task to more competent people. This post is merely a brief documentary of the inlays as they exist today.

They are easy to miss and are frequently obscured by the sun and/or shadows…

Corner of Petaluma Blvd & East Washington

Corner of Petaluma Blvd & East Washington

Can’t see them? Look again…in a different light…

Hidden In the Shadows

Partially Hidden In the Shadows

It required several visits at different times of the day to finally get an image of the entire array…

Main & Washington

Main & Washington

The three inlays…



Main Street

Main Street

North is that away?

North is thataway?

I could not resist checking out the accuracy of the compass inlay… :-)

Reasonably Accurate

Reasonably Accurate

Petaluma’s Newest Chicken Mural…”sprouts” a…Chicklet!!


My apologies for the mixed metaphor in the title but it just seemed to fit my mood at the moment…

Recall, if you will, my post in June 2014  Petaluma’s Newest Mural…by Maxfield Bala that documented the stunning new mural on Water Street.

Well, Mr. Bala has added to it.  Granted it is smaller in scope but it carries forth the same theme.  I have named it The Chicklet. 

For visual context, see below…

The Chicklet Is In The Back Corner


 2DSCF5419RAWClose Up Views



The Nite Before…

…And all through the town, not a creature was stirring…

Emoji Emoji

…The Grinch was securely confined in Petaluma’s Copperfield’s…



…Patti Page was still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on the Boulevard…


…Angels & Snowmen sprouted on the sidewalk at Petaluma Blvd & E. Washington…

E. Washington & Petaluma Blvd

E. Washington & Petaluma Blvd

…A winter mist settled on Petaluma…


…Then Santa arrived in a flash of lights…



Emoji …Proclaiming Emoji

Happy Christmas…Festivus…Hanukkah…Holidays…Kwanzaa…Winter Solstice Emoji


EmojiSeason’s GreetingsEmoji


It was a dark and stormy night…

EmojiEmoji…A Ghost Flowed into Toby’s Feed Barn…EmojiEmoji

Toby's Feed Barm (Point Reyes Station)

Toby’s Feed Barm (Point Reyes Station)

EmojiEmoji…Downtown Petaluma fell strangely silent…EmojiEmoji

Clock Tower (Petaluma)

Clock Tower (Petaluma)

Emoji…A mysterious orb appeared over the Petaluma River…Emoji

Mysterious Orb (Petaluma Yacht Club)

Mysterious Orb (Petaluma Yacht Club)

EmojiEmoji…Crows observed from above…EmojiEmoji

A Murder of Crows (Petaluma Gross Bldg)

A Murder of Crows (Petaluma Gross Bldg)

EmojiEmoji…”Fear not”– they called out….EmojiEmoji

Canter Park (Petaluma)

Center Park (Petaluma)

It’s Just Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Lobsters in Lucchesi Park?

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Over the years I have  encountered many an interesting scene in Lucchesi Park.  Frankly, I have not spent much time there over the last year but I cut through the park this morning on the way to pick up a newspaper…yes, the old fashioned hard copy Argus. As it often happens in these situations, my big cameras were at home.  However I had a small pocket camera with me.  It came in handy. While I would have preferred the lens quality of my Leica, I made do with what I had with me.

And if I did not see what I think I saw…tell me what it was!!

UPDATE–a very reliable source has identified it as a crawdad.  Think of it as a miniature lobster.


At first I saw it in the grass near the tennis court and moved on… Then I did a slow double take…What did I just see???!!!! A LOBSTER???

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

And again on the sidewalk….

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Was it a new resident of the park or did it escape from somewhere?

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Petaluma Pete’s Piano…sans Pete!

I knew that Petaluma Pete had taken to parking a spare piano downtown from time to time to see if others would stop and practice a few riffs…

Piano Pete's Piano

Piano Pete’s Piano

I recall a story or video on the Internet where someone had done the same thing in a busy transit terminal somewhere. Quite a few people stopped by…perhaps students at Julliard…and really put on a show.  I did not imagine that I would ever see it here.


One July morning I was taking my therapy walk downtown. As I approached the Shutterbug, I heard the very distinct piano sounds of Chicago style boogie woogie. I knew that Pete’s Public Piano was around the corner but the style told me it wasn’t Pete playing.  I almost expected to see Erwin Helfer or Barrrelhouse Chuck (Think Rush Street in Chicago) as I turned the corner…




Was he any good?  Oh yeah!