A Victorian Sixties Era Ranch House?

I leave it to the reader as to how to best answer the question posed above. But first read the background below! ūüôā

It was time to upgrade the exterior of our sixties era ranch house e.g., windows, paint, lights. But what color for the house? Fortunately, my wife, who has a much better eye for such things than I, took charge of the color selection.

After several trips to Peterson’s Paints to evaluate color options, computer modeling, etc.,¬†she selected colors frequently used on Victorian style homes–Exotic Purple &¬†Eggplant. Simply¬†White was selected as the trim color. ¬† Purple was the main color except for one side wall in Eggplant. To put it all in perspective this work photo will better explain it…

Here is the result…

NOTE: As the light changes throughout the day,¬†the Purple becomes Black and the Eggplant becomes Purple.¬† White remains…Simply¬† White.



This project, like most, generated another idea. I mean if you are doing new windows and colors, you can’t just live with the old concrete steps¬†to the front door!

A little research and consultation with Ohana Construction¬†produced this solution…


  • Ohana Construction in Petaluma for making it all happen with¬†their usual¬†hard work above & beyond…not to mention their suggestions at several stages of the exterior¬†renovation projects. They continue to¬†live up to their reputation as the People’s Choice.

  • Peterson’s Paints for¬†their help¬†in evaluating and selecting colors, sheens, etc.
  • Friedman’s for their¬†assistance on selecting outdoor lighting options from the overwhelming selection.

Ohana Construction–The People’s Choice

Petaluma’s Argus Courier sponsors an annual awards event for local businesses…known as the People’s Choice awards. “The contest… gives members of the public a chance to vote for their favorite local business and service in more than 70 different categories.” (Petaluma Argus Courier)

Ohana Construction won as Best Contractor for 2016.  As a point of information, this is the third such award won by Ohana. We have contracted with Ohana Construction numerous times and just finished a major project with them in June.

We believe that a major factor in their service is the quality of their people and their associate contractors.  They are all consistently friendly, hard working, and dedicated to their crafts.

Perhaps the clue is in the name “Ohana”–Do a Google Definition search to learn the meaning of the word.

Here are a few images of Team Ohana on our recent project…

Collage2aCollage1ajpgCollage 3

Some of the associated contractors Ohana¬†employed on our recent project…



From 1970’s bathroom to turtle spa…

After 28 years of living in our abode, my wife decided it was time to bring the 1970’s¬†master bathroom up to date. Oh, to be sure, we had¬† updated faucets and undertaken various attempts to make it look a little better over the years…

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Now it was time to quit trying to put more lipstick on the pig and bring the room into the 21st Century.¬† To this end, an ensemble of craftsmen from Ohana Construction¬†& Bill Boyd Tile¬†set out to implement my wife’s design objectives while incorporating the principles of¬† ADA Universal Design¬†



Both contractors and their crews¬†were excellent in all aspects of the project.¬† WE HAVE NO RESERVATIONS IN RECOMMENDING THEM. By the bye, Kimo Garrigan of Ohana Construction and Bill Boyd are members of the Petaluma High School Class of ’83! A little fact I picked up¬†during the course of the project. Ohana Construction Bill Boyd Tile