The Computer Lady…A New Computa!

After eight years, we decided it was time to trade in our XP Machine for a new computa.

It was finally time to move on from the old CRT monitor that served us well; however, the computer was becoming ever more troublesome to work with–particularly with photos.

Fortunately, we had worked with Arianne Eskew of Arianne’s Computer Service before in keeping our old machine running.  She was a tremendous help in guiding us on the specifications for the new installation.  Frankly, she saved us quite a bit by keeping me from overbuying–something I am prone to do given my general ignorance of all the changes in technology.

The boxes arrived and Arianne set up the machine in quick order.  What can I say? She did in minutes what I would have taken hours to pull off.  She also saved me exercising the darker side of my vocabulary… 

By the bye, the sign on the side of her car gives you an indication that she has a sense of humor.

On her web site she proclaims: “There’s nothing a good hammer can’t fix!”  If nothing else, check out her web page for more background…Arianne’s Computer Service

Arianne’s focuses on home and small business computer needs and service. Her service area covers a fairly large chunk of Sonoma and Northern Marin Counties–from Healdsburg to Novato and from Sebastopol to Sonoma and all points in between.