Pixels of Petaluma (2010)

Selected photos from various events & scenes in and around Petaluma with one exception–the Mill Valley Art Festival 

Some of the photos were featured in blogs in 2010 and many were taken as stand alone photos that are being published for the first time


I. Foreclosure Moving Day (October 2010)

A symbol of the darker side of the year…Unfortunately, it may be predictive of 2011…

II. Petaluma’s NGO’s such as Rebuilding Together Petaluma 

Essential in 2010…even more so in 2011…

 III. St James Community Garden Committee

Thanks for your work in creating a beautiful vegetable and flower garden…and providing me many opportunities to exercise my camera gear…


 Pixels of Petaluma 2010


John Lennon Murder Mystery 

‘Sarah’  (Martin Luther King Day of Service)


Ginger & Bronx at Peet’s Coffee 


St. James Community Garden


Lucchesi Park Turtle 

Cavanagh Center, Daily Acts 



Rebuilding Together Petaluma 


Farmers’ Market Opening Day in Walnut Park 

May & June 2010 Primary Election


Turtles Three In Lucchesi. Note that each has a leg over the side. Ready for a quick escape to the water? Perhaps a secret Turtle Lodge greeting? 


Lucchesi Lake–to me, this photo collage is a metaphor or a symbol of the deterioration of our public infrastructure in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California, and the country. 


 Classic Wings & Classic Cars Show–Petaluma Airport 

 A New Lynch Creek Trail Sign 


Water Soccer “Onion Bag” Lucchesi Lake 

13th Annual Petaluma Police K-9 Trials 

In carpentry the motto is to measure twice and cut once. Perhaps there should be a similar motto in civil engineering? 

One of the rare warm days this summer…A boat on the river…

After the Party 

 Soshi’s new parents, Larry and Diane Torres (August 30, 2010)


A Morning in the Park

La Tercera Community Garden–Built in November, 2007 and still going strong in September 2010

Scenes from the Mill Valley Art Festival in September.  These photos are included because of a remark I overhead from one of the visitors that could serve as the basis of many a course in creative critical analysis…“If I can do it, it’s not art!”


Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) Volunteers during October workday in our parks.  Very busy people indeed…


Community Center 

 The last photo in this album should come as no surprise, given my past crusades against wandering shopping carts. I long ago ceased to pay them much attention. However, the old instinct sometimes motivates me to take just one more cart photo…in this case, adjacent to Petaluma Valley Hospital. There is a certain “logic” in this photograph as all the carts are from the CVS Pharmacy across the street…


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