Balshaw Bridge Fitness Center?

It appears that we may have another fitness center in Downtown Petaluma!*

I noticed the gear this morning under the Balshaw Pedestrian Bridge over the Petaluma River.


No editing tricks–images straight from the camera made during this morning’s perambulation…

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

No hours are posted for this new facility.  However, it may be open 24 hours for boaters who want to lift weights while on the river…

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

Hmmmm! I wonder what kind of permit was required for this installation?

*While written with tongue in cheek, I hope this will be taken seriously and corrected…Until then, boaters should be careful under the bridge

Instituto De Vino Wino Replaces Hands on Petaluma Clock Tower!

Feeling sorry for us folks in Petaluma having to endure a Clock Tower without hands…and therefore not knowing the time of day…

 Petaluma’s  Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino, after consuming several bottles of Vintage Plonk, negotiated a transfer of clock hands from the Empire Building Clock Tower in Santa Rosa…

You might say that they are lending a hand–two in fact…

Local Wine Institute reports CURE for POTUS Twitteritis Tweets

Officers & Staff of The Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino (La Centre de l’Experience du Vin de Petaluma) awaken from their collective Vin Ordinaire Slumber to release their first newsletter since November 2010.

Why after a Seven Year Hangover does the Instituto speak out?

They were aroused by the Instituto’s new Medical Director Dr. Donillo Drump to alert them as to a new disease, “POTUS MEDIA TRITTERITIS TWEET” spreading across the country on our screens, phones, and even in our dreams. People are all a twitter!!

Dr. Drump has come up with the perfect medical technique for coping with this new disease~ A glass a day of the Instituto’s Vin Ordinaire before breakfast…dscf9387web

In extreme cases Dr. Drump recommends doubling the dose and adding a glass of bourbon…


Dr. Drump guarantees that you will forget everything with this prescription! Insurance deductibles do apply however!


Photos by the Instituto’s famed Anvil Adams



Today I received an Official Document from Washington DC…


The document contained therein advised that I am a finalist to win a 2017 Toyota Prius. Apparently they have been trying to contact me before as the envelope clearly indicates this is the “Final Attempt”!

I checked the address on 611 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington…


Apparently an entity called PVS at 225 W First St in Casper Wy is in charge of the contest.

I checked out the address contained in the Offical Document…


Don’t you just LOVE Google Maps!!

By the Bye, as I am awfully busy with other official documents from Washington during tax time, I regret that I will not have time to seek the prize.  Sigh…such is life…




MLK DAY OF SERVICE–2017 Walker Creek Ranch School & Conference Center

Martin Luther King Day is a day of service in many parts of the country. This year 60 employee volunteers (including family members in some cases) from Kaiser Permanente’s Sonoma & Marin facilities and 20 AmeriCorps Volunteers participated in the MLK Day of Service at the Walker Creek Ranch School and Conference Center

Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) coordinated and managed their efforts–which is how I came to be there!

On top of accomplishing an enormous amount of warehouse clearing, the volunteers engaged in storm drain clearing, pond algae removal, outdoor clean up and filling 4 large dumpsters to the brim. Kaiser is also funding the purchase of some much needed lodge furniture for Walker Creek Ranch.

Below are a few images, photo galleries, and one slide show from the day. At the end  of the article I have included a link to a more complete set of photos

 Volunteers Assembled

Martin Luther King Day 2017 Walker Creek Ranch

Martin Luther King Day 2017 Walker Creek Ranch


(Click on any image to open the gallery)

Volunteers of all ages…including children participated

(Click on any image to open the gallery)

Heavy Lifting!! Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An image that captures the spirit of the day


For additional photos go to RTP’s Photo Page