Ah April 16! Another Rebuilding Together Community Workday!

Yesterday, Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) volunteers once again fanned out across the city to work in some of our parks or to help qualifying homeowners with critical maintenance needs. It should be noted that many of the home projects have been underway for some time meaning that it was not all done in one day. The volunteers have been hard at work for many days—rain or shine!

I had occasion to visit some of the worksites on April 16th and offer a few photos of the volunteers at work.  My selection, as usual, is arbitrary and capricious.


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MLK Day of Service–2016 McKinley Elementary School, Petaluma, CA

As on past MLK Days, 70+ employee volunteers (including family members in some cases) from Kaiser Permanente’s Sonoma & Marin facilities participated in a Day of Service. Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) coordinated and managed their efforts–which is how I came to be there!


This year they applied their efforts to various projects at McKinley Elementary School in Petaluma.

  • Helping to transform a classroom and hallway into the home of the STEAM Curriculum (Science, Technical, Engineering, Art and Math facility…a.k.a. the Steam Room). Part of the renovation includes a large wall mural in the classroom and one in the hallway under the design and supervision of Ryan Petersen. The Mural in the classroom will be covered with IDEA paint, a substance that transforms any surface into dry erase surface.
  • Performing garden maintenance and makeover
  • Cleaning and storage closet organizing, classroom cleaning & organizing
  • Constructing  4 heavy duty worktables on wheels which will also be covered in IDEA paint for the STEAM Room and the rehab of kindergarten trikes

Upon project completion the Kaiser grant will pay for a 3D printer for the classroom.  

Below are three photo galleries of selected  images from the day…


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COTS Family Center…opens June 27th

Petaluma’s COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) will open the renovated COTS Family Center on June 27th…


Preparing the facility has required quite an effort by volunteers and others to make the buildings ready for use.

Today, volunteers worked on finishing touches…painting, cleaning, assembling furniture, etc.  I had the opportunity to make a few photos of today’s efforts.

8:30 am the volunteers assembled…


Then they went to work…

COTS VOlunteers

COTS Volunteers

RTP Faces of… Redux


In Faces of…Rebuilding Together Petaluma you had a photo preview of some of the volunteers at Rebuilding Together Petaluma’s (RTP) May 3rd workday.  Behind the photos (or should I say behind the cameras) were photographers documenting the action and setting up the group photos…



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NOTE– Also check out the RTP YouTube video:   RTP MAY 3, 2014



Faces of…Rebuilding Together Petaluma

Yesterday, Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) volunteers once again fanned out across the city to work in some of our parks or to help qualifying homeowners with critical maintenance needs.

Unlike past years, this time I rode along with RTP’s Victoria O’Riley to the various sites as opposed to focusing on one or two work locations.  This gave me an insider view of the logistics and planning required to support all of the projects. It also gave me an opportunity to get a bit of a “global view” of the efforts throughout the City…and the volunteers.

In a few days all the photos taken by RTP volunteer photographers will be available and I will pass on the links for those who would like to see them.

In the meantime, I offer a quick selection of photos taken during my  travels with Victoria…



















Rebuilding Together Petaluma–The stuff that needs to be done NOW!


Fast Water Heater Co. Teams Up with Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) and Home Depot to Restore Hot Water for Elderly Veteran’s Widow in Petaluma…

DSCF6110RAWWEB A Petaluma homeowner turned on her faucet today and hot water poured out for the first time in nine months. Mrs. G. has been boiling water on her stove for her hot water needs since last June.

“My neighbor read an article in the paper about Rebuilding Together Petaluma, and she said she thought they might be able to help me out,” said Mrs. G.

As a low-income homeowner whose late husband served in the armed forces in the Korean War, Mrs. G. squarely qualifies to be a recipient of Rebuilding Together Petaluma’s home repair services.  RTP works to ensure that low-income homeowners receive the support they need to maintain safe and healthy residences. The non-profit organization relies on grants, donations and volunteers to complete its work.

Mrs. G’s home will undergo a series of repairs over the coming months, but the water heater situation could not wait. Rebuilding Together Petaluma’s Executive Director Jane Hamilton connected with

Both companies immediately agreed. The new water heater was in place within two weeks of the initial request.

“We are proud to have a presence in the greater Bay Area, and this is just one way for our company to show our appreciation,” said Fast Water Heater CEO Jason Hanleybrown. “It also fits with our company values – one of which is caring for the communities we serve.”

“We are very grateful to Fast Water Heater Company and Home Depot for their quick response to this situation,” noted Jane Hamilton of RTP. “They immediately understood the urgency and worked quickly to restore Mrs. G’s hot water. When businesses respond with in-kind donation of materials or services, it allows us to help even more people.”

RTP is still seeking donations and volunteers to help complete repairs to Mrs. G. home on May 3. Volunteers from Home Depot and the Coast Guard and retired members of the military are all expected to improve livability issues inside and out at Mrs. G. home. To volunteer or make a donation, go to www.rtpetaluma.org.

Rebuilding Together Petaluma strengthens the local safety net by repairing homes free of charge for the many low income homeowners in our community as well as renovating the facilities of non-profits that support them. Rebuilding Together Petaluma envisions a safe and healthy home for every person in our community.

According to RTP’s Jane Hamilton:

  • “Rebuilding Together Petaluma was established in our community in 1996, initially as Christmas in April. In the last 18 years RTP has repaired or added safety/energy efficiency features to almost 800 homes for low-income Petaluma homeowners, most of whom are elderly or disabled members of our community.”
  • “We fund this work through an annual grant from HUD and also through the generous donations of businesses and individuals in our community. Each year RTP directs the efforts of over 500 skilled and unskilled community volunteers towards those in our community who are in need of some helping hands. We sponsor and organize a large rebuilding day every April and October and we also offer year round services to those in need.”

Fast Water Heater Company serves all of the greater Bay Area with local operations in Marin, Napa and Sonoma as well as San Francisco and the Peninsula, the East Bay, the South Bay and San Jose. The company has been in business since 1985. Its website is www.fastwaterheater.com.