Petaluma’s Mystic Theater Marquee–A Blast From The Past

In this digital big screen age, one institution in Petaluma, CA still relies upon an “old style” theater marquee to promote upcoming events…

Mystic Theater

Mystic Theater

Granted, the Mystic Theater does have a web site and a dot com web page. However, they still rely upon the human touch…and a ladder… when it comes to the street display…

Mystic Theater

Mystic Theater

Mystic Theater

Mystic Theater

The Corner of Main & Washington…

…or what is now known as Petaluma Blvd & East Washington…

The long standing bank building at 199 Petaluma Blvd N (now known as the Seed Bank) resides on the corner of this intersection.  An imposing structure, to say the least.

Finally, after many walks over the years, I finally noticed something on the sidewalk at this corner of Petaluma Blvd and Washington—street names and a compass symbol embedded as metal inlays in the cement.

The corner was once known as Main & Washington and is memorialized in the sidewalk inlays in front of the building. As to when they were installed and by whom, I was not able to determine and will leave that task to more competent people. This post is merely a brief documentary of the inlays as they exist today.

They are easy to miss and are frequently obscured by the sun and/or shadows…

Corner of Petaluma Blvd & East Washington

Corner of Petaluma Blvd & East Washington

Can’t see them? Look again…in a different light…

Hidden In the Shadows

Partially Hidden In the Shadows

It required several visits at different times of the day to finally get an image of the entire array…

Main & Washington

Main & Washington

The three inlays…



Main Street

Main Street

North is that away?

North is thataway?

I could not resist checking out the accuracy of the compass inlay… :-)

Reasonably Accurate

Reasonably Accurate

MLK Day 2015–A Day Of Service…At The Ranch…

…Walker Creek Ranch to be precise…

Over 70 volunteers (including family members in some cases) from area Kaiser Permanente facilities  and Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) spent the day at WALKER CREEK RANCH — the Marin County Outdoor School & Conference Center.

They took on many projects in the garden and facility buildings, as well as clearing brush, and planting trees.

To give a sense of the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers, a few photos are in order!



(Depending upon your connection, it may take a few seconds to load)

Large Colorful Rabbit Draws Crowd on Water Street!

So what happens if you carry a very large eye-catching painted rabbit sculpture down Water Street and then put it down for a minute?

Well, first you need the rabbit…

Sculpture by Roberta Ahrens

Roberta Ahrens

Within seconds, the first visitor appears to check it out…

Sculpture by Roberta Ahrens

Sculpture by Roberta Ahrens

Then a few more…


And still more…


The rabbit is the creation of local artist Roberta Ahrens and she was transporting it on its way to a show when we encountered her on Water Street late this afternoon…

Sculpture by Roberta Ahrens

Roberta Ahrens

  From Roberta’s Website…

Roberta Ahrens is one of  Northern California’s top decorative painters; she has been published in interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest, and Better Homes and Gardens. Macy’s on Union Square in downtown San Francisco displays a beautiful 81′ x 9′ mural of Roberta’s just inside from the O’Farrel Street entrance.

Her work also adorns the penthouses, Alexandra’s and Victor’s of the Westin St. Francis Hotel, also in San Francisco.
She has worked all over the country, beautified many exclusive private homes, as well as some fabulous hotels, restaurants and wineries.




Petaluma’s Newest Chicken Mural…”sprouts” a…Chicklet!!


My apologies for the mixed metaphor in the title but it just seemed to fit my mood at the moment…

Recall, if you will, my post in June 2014  Petaluma’s Newest Mural…by Maxfield Bala that documented the stunning new mural on Water Street.

Well, Mr. Bala has added to it.  Granted it is smaller in scope but it carries forth the same theme.  I have named it The Chicklet. 

For visual context, see below…

The Chicklet Is In The Back Corner


 2DSCF5419RAWClose Up Views



Petaluma’s Soberanes Statue…Under Stress & Deterioration

While on my way to a photo shoot this morning, I happened to notice the Soberanes Wrist-Wrestling Statue and it was, shall we  say, looking in need of some attention.  Pieces of the base were on the ground and the damage looked fairly recent…

Soberanes Statue

Soberanes Statue

Closer examination revealed the origin of the pieces as well as additional deterioration at the top of the base….

DSCF5409 DSCF5410 DSCF5411 DSCF5412 DSCF5414 DSCF5415


Sigh…. Emoji