The Nite Before…

…And all through the town, not a creature was stirring…

Emoji Emoji

…The Grinch was securely confined in Petaluma’s Copperfield’s…



…Patti Page was still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on the Boulevard…


…Angels & Snowmen sprouted on the sidewalk at Petaluma Blvd & E. Washington…

E. Washington & Petaluma Blvd

E. Washington & Petaluma Blvd

…A winter mist settled on Petaluma…


…Then Santa arrived in a flash of lights…



Emoji …Proclaiming Emoji

Happy Christmas…Festivus…Hanukkah…Holidays…Kwanzaa…Winter Solstice Emoji


EmojiSeason’s GreetingsEmoji


Known Knowns…Wistful Thinking…a Unique LA Tour Bus

Foreword or Forewarning: This post was created from “leftover” photos from my monthly camera downloads for the 2014 Photo Gallery.  For some reason, these disjointed scenes seemed to deserve their own special showing. A decision, encouraged perhaps, by my favorite cheap wine!



“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” (Donald Rumsfeld)

Known Water Leak (Healdsburg)

Known Water Leak (Healdsburg)


While downtown recently, a parking sign caught my eye…Could it be?
Great solution to the shopping cart problem in Petaluma!
Way to go City Hall!
Shopping Cart SignWeb
But alas, it was not true. I blinked and then rubbed by eyes.
Reality returned…
Downtown Petaluma

Downtown Petaluma


Downtown Petaluma on the Boulevard…

Speak Questions Only (Petaluma Blvd)

Speak Questions Only (Petaluma Blvd)

An image “captured” in San Rafael. A “tour” bus I don’t think you want to take…

Los Angeles County Prison Bus

Los Angeles County Prison Bus


Part II of the Photo Gallery will be released later this month. Part I is available by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


Random street photos from Downtown Petaluma are available now, go to Scene(s) On The Street…Petaluma

It was a dark and stormy night…

EmojiEmoji…A Ghost Flowed into Toby’s Feed Barn…EmojiEmoji

Toby's Feed Barm (Point Reyes Station)

Toby’s Feed Barm (Point Reyes Station)

EmojiEmoji…Downtown Petaluma fell strangely silent…EmojiEmoji

Clock Tower (Petaluma)

Clock Tower (Petaluma)

Emoji…A mysterious orb appeared over the Petaluma River…Emoji

Mysterious Orb (Petaluma Yacht Club)

Mysterious Orb (Petaluma Yacht Club)

EmojiEmoji…Crows observed from above…EmojiEmoji

A Murder of Crows (Petaluma Gross Bldg)

A Murder of Crows (Petaluma Gross Bldg)

EmojiEmoji…”Fear not”– they called out….EmojiEmoji

Canter Park (Petaluma)

Center Park (Petaluma)

It’s Just Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Lobsters in Lucchesi Park?

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Over the years I have  encountered many an interesting scene in Lucchesi Park.  Frankly, I have not spent much time there over the last year but I cut through the park this morning on the way to pick up a newspaper…yes, the old fashioned hard copy Argus. As it often happens in these situations, my big cameras were at home.  However I had a small pocket camera with me.  It came in handy. While I would have preferred the lens quality of my Leica, I made do with what I had with me.

And if I did not see what I think I saw…tell me what it was!!

UPDATE–a very reliable source has identified it as a crawdad.  Think of it as a miniature lobster.


At first I saw it in the grass near the tennis court and moved on… Then I did a slow double take…What did I just see???!!!! A LOBSTER???

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

And again on the sidewalk….

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Was it a new resident of the park or did it escape from somewhere?

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

Lucchesi Park Lobster

The morning after…

…particularly on the weekends.

One of the tasks of living in the ‘Hood is checking the perimeter each morning for debris left by revelers and night people. The big stuff goes in the garbage.  Broken beer bottles are harder to deal with so I just sweep  them into little piles for the street sweeper.

Latest sweep street photos (pun intended) are below.  Note the tidy nature of the person as reflected in the knot at the base of the condom :-)  By the way, I wish the night people would drink Lagunitas IPA.  Their bottles don’t break as easily as Corona bottles. Much easier to deal with…:-)


Not enough room to take it home...leave it on the sidewalk

Not enough room to take it home…leave it on the sidewalk

Butts Bottles & Booze

Butts Bottles & Booze


Ah, romance!

Ah, romance!

Don't Ask!

Don’t Ask!

Detritus…The Stuff We Leave Behind…

The debris…or fallout…from our daily lives surrounds us.  It mostly goes unnoticed, unless and until it gets so high that it has to be scooped up.  But it can also provide some interesting images…and questions as to how it came to be.

For example, a discarded sock in the street somewhere on Petaluma’s East Side …

IMG_0134Sock Web

What happened to the other sock?

Now consider this scene on the sidewalk at 4th & B in Downtown Petaluma…

4th St & B St DSCF3571RAWBraWed

Hmmm….? Perhaps it is best to leave it to the reader to suggest an interpretation.

Consider next a discarded glove that color coordinates with the walkway…


Quite stylish indeed!

My personal favorite is this Coke Bottle Rack (Bench in Petaluma’s Center Park)

DSCF3568Coke Web

Perhaps the owner parked it there while looking for this pizza slice…

IMG_0132pizza web

However, that was not the case as a crow grabbed the pizza.