Ah, December…Tis The Season

Once again we are on the verge (dare I say, “precipice”) of ending one year and starting another.

In the spirit of the moment, I offer a few images to celebrate the moment and the season…

Our Backyard

Our Backyard

Christmas "Food" Socks, Calistoga

Christmas “Food” Socks, Calistoga

Putnam Plaza, Petaluma

Putnam Plaza, Petaluma

EmojiMerry Christmas & A Happy New Year!Emoji

Downtown Petaluma

Downtown Petaluma


Decorating With A Broken Record


Decorating ideas for old LP’s with a piece missing (a.k.a. broken record)–wind chimes or a planter decoration…


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Additional Decorating Idea

One can also include old 45’s in a decorating project…

Golden Concourse Telephone Alley Lp's & 45 rpm records DSCF6520RAWWEB


The phrase “broken record” for those under 40 has it origins in the days of 78 rpm records–large disks  of recorded music that preceded 45’s and LP records.  Frequently the playback needle would get stuck causing the passage on the recording to repeat again and again.  So in popular speech if someone was repetitive, tedious or importunate, they were said to sound like a broken record.

However, records did break by design or accident.  78’s were particularly brittle.  Breaking a 45 or LP did require some effort.

Records, of course were replaced by CD’s, which in turn have been replaced with MP3 files and music streaming.


Photo location–Golden Concourse, Petaluma CA

Petaluma Pothole Ice Cream? But of course :-)

Potholes are Not Peculiar to Petaluma!

Our infrastructure is not unique in its decay.

Potholes are, however, a “hot” topic in local politics.

Several weeks ago I noticed a new Clover Stornetta sign on 101 promoting (in the free spirit of Clo the Cow) Petaluma Pothole Ice Cream.  I got a quick snap of the sign but vowed to get a more professional image…and to buy a carton of the ice cream.

Getting the photo was a challenge but I managed to pull it off (No, I wasn’t driving) and I present it in all its glory for your visual consumption…

Petaluma Pothole Clo Sign

Petaluma Pothole Clo Sign

Finding the Pothole Ice Cream took a little more time than expected as the shelves at G & G were always empty but I did find it a few days ago…the last carton on the shelf.  So I bought it before it disappeared…

Petaluma Pothole Ice Cream

Petaluma Pothole Ice Cream

So as you prepare for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, pick up a carton for your holiday spread.

As Clo reports 0n the back of container…

“It’s a pothole you’ll want to hit.”

And if you hit it just right…




Secret Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Upgrade!



Working under the cover of fog in the evening and early morning hours for several months, California authorities today reported that the seismic upgrade of the Golden Gate Bridge was completed.

With the new third tower, it is now as safe as the recently completed Bay Bridge! 

Early this morning the fog was removed and returned to the Capitol building in  Sacramento…

And now, the new look of the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE…


EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji Click on the photo to enlarge!!!!!!!EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji