Do You Know The Way To Jeju Way? If So, Have You Seen The Jeju Way Murals?

Of course, the questions posed in the title presume you already know where Jeju Way is situated. 

I certainly did not know until “discovering” Jeju Way…and its murals… last week.



Chances are you have walked this street and did not notice Jeju Way or the murals. I can certainly plead guilty to this personal failure.  But a few days ago I was in the area on one of my walks and the lighting caught my eye and…there they were…just beyond the stone fountain “sentry” I had photographed many times in the past…

4th St Santa Rosa

4th St Santa Rosa

Of course you know where this is…don’t you? :-)

The plaza/walkway beyond the fountain on Santa Rosa’s 4th St is Jeju Way.

Upon entering you will encounter this mural on the entire side of one building…

Sonoma Cownty Mural

Sonoma “Cownty” Mural

And if you look across the way…

Jeju City Mural

Jeju City Mural

The Jeju Way murals have been there for quite a few years and are in pristine condition. 

The lighting in the area was confusing, to say the least, and as a rank amateur, I was not equipped with lighting, shields, reflectors, etc. However, I hope I managed to capture enough decent shots to encourage you to visit the scene in Santa Rosa and take a look for yourself.

Below are two slideshows that attempt to show some of the detail of these very large works.

I’ve included additional information about Jeju Way, Jeju City and the murals at the end of the article below the slideshows.

 Sonoma “Cownty” Mural

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 Jeju City Mural

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  • Jeju City in South Korea and Santa Rosa, CA are sister cities
  • YouTube video link for the Sonoma “Cownty” Mural 
  • Article & Photo of Santa Rosa Way in Jeju City
  • I have no information as to who painted the Jeju City Mural in Santa Rosa
  • The names of the Sonoma “Cownty” Mural artists were included in one of the panels and are part of the slideshow
  • I could find no articles or information (Using Google or Bing) reporting on the creation of the Jeju Way murals…zip…nada. The little information I did retrieve was, as you can see from the links included here, from a Jeju City newspaper in South Korea
  • By the bye, Jeju City, Korea got a Snoopy from Santa Rosa

2015…Going Forward

I’ve been contemplating changes in how…and when…I publish and also trying to determine the future use of my two Blogs (The Petaluma Spectator and THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG)

Initially I thought I would merge them or just delete one of them.

However, I have decided to dedicate the future use of the “Photo Blog” for submissions to the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge.  In fact I have been trying it out for the last few months and think it is perfect for that purpose.


  • There will be no more direct e-mail announcements about posts to the “Photo Blog” as the traffic from participation in the  weekly photo challenge will keep me sufficiently occupied.
  • If you already subscribe to the photo blog or follow it, nothing will change.  You will get your notifications as before. Each weekly challenge post on the “Photo Blog” will also contain a link to the complete collection of WordPress weekly photo challenge posts from around the world.
  • Note that this not apply to this blog (The Petaluma Spectator) as it has its own set of followers and subscribers.

As to how I am going to utilize The Petaluma Spectator, has yet to be determined. Given the realities of small screen viewing I have already decided to forego future large galleries in favor of one to three photos a post.  These are easier to view on a tablet or phone.

Inspiration will save me, I’m sure  :-)

Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Part II

In October  of last year I documented this California road behavior in Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Riding On the Edge

Consider this posting as an update.

I am amazed these riders got through on their Harleys considering the size of their bikes.

Think of it as just squeezing by… :-)

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Phone History…BS (Before Smartphones)


Before cellphones, smartphones, and wireless everything, we relied upon stationary devices such as public payphones or phone booths to  communicate when out and about. Movies and TV programs featured scenes of reporters rushing to payphones to report breaking news or of shadowy spies and secret agents making clandestine calls from a phone booth in the dark of night…etc., etc.

A phone booth in Petaluma…note the rotary dial.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

EmojiIf you don’t know what a rotary dial is, ask someone over 50 Emoji

Payphones, of course, still exist but they are few and far between.  It is my understanding that they are somewhat more prevalent in larger cities.  For a quick history and report on their current status (including interesting photos from New Cork City) see Don’t hang up yet: Pay phones are still a fixture in U.S. culture  (Columbia School of Journalism).  Google (Who else?) also has plans to use payphones as Wi-Fi hotspots. For details go to  Google May Transform NYC Pay Phones Into Wi-Fi Hot Spots

In my wanderings around Petaluma’s downtown, I did notice some of these old units still in existence, although one clearly was not operational. However, it still serves a purpose as a trash receptacle…

Pay Phone

Pay Phone

This unit might be operational…if you use both hands…

Broken Payphone

Broken Payphone


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