Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Part II

In October  of last year I documented this California road behavior in Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Riding On the Edge

Consider this posting as an update.

I am amazed these riders got through on their Harleys considering the size of their bikes.

Think of it as just squeezing by… :-)

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Phone History…BS (Before Smartphones)


Before cellphones, smartphones, and wireless everything, we relied upon stationary devices such as public payphones or phone booths to  communicate when out and about. Movies and TV programs featured scenes of reporters rushing to payphones to report breaking news or of shadowy spies and secret agents making clandestine calls from a phone booth in the dark of night…etc., etc.

A phone booth in Petaluma…note the rotary dial.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

EmojiIf you don’t know what a rotary dial is, ask someone over 50 Emoji

Payphones, of course, still exist but they are few and far between.  It is my understanding that they are somewhat more prevalent in larger cities.  For a quick history and report on their current status (including interesting photos from New Cork City) see Don’t hang up yet: Pay phones are still a fixture in U.S. culture  (Columbia School of Journalism).  Google (Who else?) also has plans to use payphones as Wi-Fi hotspots. For details go to  Google May Transform NYC Pay Phones Into Wi-Fi Hot Spots

In my wanderings around Petaluma’s downtown, I did notice some of these old units still in existence, although one clearly was not operational. However, it still serves a purpose as a trash receptacle…

Pay Phone

Pay Phone

This unit might be operational…if you use both hands…

Broken Payphone

Broken Payphone


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From 1970’s bathroom to turtle spa…

After 28 years of living in our abode, my wife decided it was time to bring the 1970’s master bathroom up to date. Oh, to be sure, we had  updated faucets and undertaken various attempts to make it look a little better over the years…

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Now it was time to quit trying to put more lipstick on the pig and bring the room into the 21st Century.  To this end, an ensemble of craftsmen from Ohana Construction & Bill Boyd Tile set out to implement my wife’s design objectives while incorporating the principles of  ADA Universal Design 



Both contractors and their crews were excellent in all aspects of the project.  WE HAVE NO RESERVATIONS IN RECOMMENDING THEM. By the bye, Kimo Garrigan of Ohana Construction and Bill Boyd are members of the Petaluma High School Class of ’83! A little fact I picked up during the course of the project. Ohana Construction Bill Boyd Tile

Part I of the 2014 Photo Gallery Part Is Now Available!

In the process of assembling, editing, processing and otherwise fiddling around with my photos,  I have decided to split the Photo Gallery this year into two parts.

Part II will be released in December!!