Pixels of Petaluma (2011) Faces & Profiles


Economic times are not good as evidenced by the unemployment rate, mortgage foreclosures, and dwindling government budgets and services at all levels. Looking forward, as one person recently put it to me: “Things are going to get bad before they get worse.” 

Notwithstanding the grim realities of our times, this “photo essay” demonstrates, I hope, that we are surviving in some fashion in this economic maelstrom.

 Faces and profiles of people in daily life whether on the job or volunteering on community projects 

The slideshow can be controlled by placing your cursor over the show. 

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The photo gallery will enable you to select and look at photos individually in higher resolution. 

  • Click on a photo in the gallery to see a larger version. 
  • Click again after it opens in the gallery to see an even larger image.

3 thoughts on “Pixels of Petaluma (2011) Faces & Profiles

  1. Frank A nice photo collection of Petalumans at work, both public and private. It has a good feel to it, and for a moment I almost believed the double dip recession was over. Alas, that is not to be.


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