Photos…Homeless in Petaluma

Two New Photos Added March 2012

Three New Photos Added February 2012

Page Originally Published October 1, 2011

Economic times are not good as evidenced by the unemployment rate, mortgage foreclosures, and dwindling government budgets and services at all levels. Looking forward, as one person recently put it to me: “Things are going to get bad before they get worse.”

The photos on this page document scenes that are not unique to Petaluma.   The scenes are becoming more prevalent.

Many photos were taken using a small pocket camera. In some instances, the photos were shot through the windshield.
  I was not seeking out the subjects. Instead, I encountered them in the course of everyday travels in my East Side Neighborhood or Downtown. 

Petaluma Library © Frank Simpson

Chevron Station on East Washington February 24, 2012 © Frank Simpson

McDowell & Washington Square February 24, 2012 © Frank Simpson

Walnut Park October 18, 2011 © Frank Simpson


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