City Hall Turf War–Part I

In October, 2009, the  process began to convert almost an acre of turf area around CIty Hall to low water landscaping employing native plants and community gardens. The project was sponsored by the City Of Petlauma in conjunction with Rebuilding Together Petaluma, Petaluma Bounty and Daily Acts. For additional information, see City Hall leads in water saving

Below are photos from October 12 when volunteers completed the prep work for the sheet mulching application scheduled for October 24, 2009…

Day1 October 12 2009 Cam 2 013Day1 October 12 2009 Cam 2 052Collage 4Pogo Stick ShovelJH 2 Collage 1Equipment CasualtyCollage 3

Lunch Time!

Day1 October 12 2009 Cam 2 086Collage 2

 For October 24, 2009 photos go to City Hall Turf War–Part II


3 thoughts on “City Hall Turf War–Part I

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