Eighty-Eight Tags of Hate

A history of “hate” tags documented in Petaluma for the period of November 2005-November 2008…Eighty-eight photos arranged in seven collages… 

After the 88th photo, I stopped tracking the tags mostly for reasons of personal safety and the preservation of my sanity.

The number 88 is significant in Nazi folklore in that it was a code for “Heil Hitler.”  I have no idea whether or not the tagging continued after November 2008. I have no intention of finding out.

Before proceeding, I caution the reader that the scenes are offensive in almost every way imaginable.

They are preserved here for archival purposes only…


One thought on “Eighty-Eight Tags of Hate

  1. Frank These photos are so vile and disgusting that if they were mine, I would offer them to the police. If they have no interest, I would delete them all. I cannot imagine how they would be useful to you. It is an old subject that has been around a long time. It is best to dump it. That’s my opinion.

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