City Hall Turf War–Part III Victory & Turf Transformation

By the end of the day–one report has it that work continued until 7:00 p.m.– the landscape “transformation” was completed…

Before & After 1Before & After 2Before & After 3

More “After” Photos…

Day 2 Camera 1 110The Day After 007The Day After 009

The large tanks installed next to the building are part of a rainwater storage system that will supplement the water needs of the new landscape…

The Day After 012

The people who made it happen…

Petaluma Mulchers ArmyDay 2 Camera 2 170

In closing, I include a few more photos from the day…

Day 2 Camera 2 111Day 2 Camera 1 014Equipment 1Day 2 Camera 1 037Day 2 Camera 1 049Day 2 Camera 1 125Day 2 Camera 2 065Day 2 Camera 2 159

For background and more photos go to

City Hall Turf War–Part I

 City Hall Turf War–Part II



3 thoughts on “City Hall Turf War–Part III Victory & Turf Transformation

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  3. Great photos! So glad you included before and after pix. Being an active part of the work was so incredible — I felt like I was amongst kindred spirits and absolutely loved the kinship with everyone around our common purpose. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone!

    ~ Catherine W

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