City Hall Turf War–Part II

The conversion or transformation of almost an acre of lawn around Petaluma’s City Hall  was a collaborative effort involving the City of Petaluma, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, Petaluma Bounty, and Daily Acts.  Saturday, October 24, 2009 was the major day for the transformation project.

To create a low water landscape with community garden areas and native plantings,  250 yards of mulch, 50 yards of compost, and 20 yards of topsoil were applied using the sheet mulching technique.  Over 230 volunteers organized and coordinated by Rebuilding Together Petaluma completed the task. For good measure, they also built several raised beds, pulled out several bushes and shrubs, and planted several native plants.

See City Hall leads in water saving. Also see Petaluma City Hall gets green makeover. 

There were several photographers and videographers documenting the work on Octoer 24, 2009. I am not sure that any photo or video clip can capture the spirit and energy of the day.  You had to be there–watching the blur of green tee shirts as people went about their tasks.

Notwithstanding the foregoing disclaimer, I’ll give it a shot…

Mulching on City HallDay 2 Camera 1 040Equipment 2Day 2 Camera 1 063City Hall Faces 4USCG Coasties

Busy as they were, they sometimes stopped for a break…

City Hall Faces 2The Answer

Back to work…

Day 2 Camera 1 067Day 2 Camera 1 068Pic AxeDay 2 Camera 1 077Day 2 Camera 1 116Pulling PlantsCity Hall Faces 1Day 2 Camera 2 064

All ages and sizes…

Girl 1Boy & GirlDay 2 Camera 2 156

We’re getting close…

Day 2 Camera 2 110Day 2 Camera 2 112Day 2 Camera 2 127Day 2 Camera 2 133Day 2 Camera 2 134Day 2 Camera 2 145Cardboard

For More Photos Go to…

City Hall Turf War–Part III Victory & Turf Transformation

For Photos From October 12, 2009 Go to

City Hall Turf War–Part I

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