City Hall Landscaping…A Neglected Project?

On March 17, 2010 I toured the City Hall landscape with camera to document the current state of the landscape since its completion in October 2009.

Weeds, dead plants, and overgrown areas…

There was one apparent attempt to deal with the weeds next to the organic vegetables…

More weeds…

Dead leaf build up…

Even more weeds…


4 thoughts on “City Hall Landscaping…A Neglected Project?

  1. Oh, come on, Frank, lighten up. City hall doesn’t look as bad as the royal yard and garden. As Viceroy, you could simply rename those weeds and call them weedus beautifulalis. Mother Nature seems to like them, and if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for us. If you want them gone, lets meet there with weeding tools and get to work. Cause that’s the only way they’ll disappear. You don’t expect the city to pay for it, do you? They’ll spray it with a toxic something or other. Please don’t ask them to do that. It’s too close to the Royal Castle.

  2. Norton,

    I should suggest staking a goat.
    Cost effective and boom! automatic fertilizer.
    And the goat could be the Mayors mascot at the Butter and Eggs day parade ooops did I say that!

  3. Oh one more thing ,there is a natural herbicide called apple cider vinigar.
    Instead of using all of those chemicals

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