Pixels & Galleries of Petaluma and Northern Calilfornia

Photos of sights, scenes, and people selected from my inventory of photos taken during my travels around town and Northern California.

(Note: At the end of this page there are links to additional photo albums)

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While initially I was best known for photos of blight & graffiti, these pages will avoid these subjects for the most part.



LA TERCERA 1COLLAGE--Some Of The People Who Made It HappenLA TERCERA 4

Petaluma’s “Bicycle Ernie”– March 23, 2009 at 7:38 a.m. after 21 years, 8 months, and 5 days, Ernie completed a personal goal of riding (in Petaluma) the distance to the Moon.  Currently he is working his way back…September 3 1007 002


Brownie Troop helping clean up Lynch Creek Trail, September 2007Coastal Creek Clean up 9-15-07 028

Brownie CollageBrownies

Coastal Clean Up day September 2007Coastal Creek Clean up 9-15-07 023

Coastal Clean Up Cheerleaders

Building a Community Garden at La Tercera Park, November 2007December 1a  La  Tercera 046

Building a Community Garden at La Tercera Park, November 2007December 1a  La  Tercera 060

River Clean Up May 2007River Clean Up May 6, 2007 022

River Clean Up May 2007River Clean Up May 6, 2007 023

Petaluma celebrated its 150th birthday in 2008. Volunteers planted 150 trees to mark the event.October 17, 2008-----007October 17, 2008-----005

Petaluma’s Project Linus October 2008Oct 27 2008 Fabric Load 008

Enthusiastic & Muddy volunteer–Helping to install low water landscape at a city recreation center. May 2009End of The Day 020

Neighbors helping to sheet mulch a yard March 2009Olive Street Sheet Mulching Demo 3-15-2009 16

Mayor’s Bike Ride. May 2009Collage 6

Ghost  Rider?Collage 2


American Graffiti T-Bird (Yup! The T-Bird from the movie!) Parked next door. April 2008Clear Chip2  April 2008 006

From time to time, pelicans come in from the coast to check out the fishing in Lucchesi Park.Pelican Lucchesi Feb 2008 002

River otters also stop by to check out the fishing.1-7-09 Otter 4

At times, deer may be observed behind the Community CenterLucchesi Buck 2

Metal sculptures outside a muffler shopPet Metal Man 3Pet Metal Man 2

Petaluma is not immune from the economic downturn that started in 2008.Outta BusinessRetail Space

HomelessCOTS Man



9 thoughts on “PIXEL STORIES

  1. Keep up the good work, Frank & fellow volunteers! I can see progress from as far away as the MidWest.

    (We served 297 at the Peoria FUMC Loaves & Fish program a week ago Saturday.)

    • Greetings back at you! It was hard selecting a few photos from a collection of over 2000. All in all I think it turned out.

  2. Great stuff Frank. California truly had been great for you but we still miss you in central Illinois. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.

  3. Pingback: Post Mortem–Petaluma 360 Blog Conversion - Petaluma Spectator - Petaluma 360 - Petaluma, CA - Archive

  4. Good blog, Frank. Before browsing through here I had an incomplete picture of Petaluma. It’s obviously a much nicer place than I’d originally thought. Thanks for helping to educate me!

    • I suppose, at the end of the day, it’s the people that make the difference…in any town. I’ll leave that determination to others. I just make the photos!

  5. Frank, Great shots as usual. Be sure to put the 17th Annual Petaluma River Cleanup, Saturday, May 7th on your calendar this year. We could use some good shots for your site and our annual report. The event should be going back to the days of a large crowd and edu booths/tables this year due to our having a major sponsor again. Bob Caruso is the chair again this year and we’re about to achieve our long-term goal of attracting leadership interested youth to our planning committee…thanks to Gisele Rue.

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