A Great Russian Honey Bear Sunflower Story…

Every year I seem to go a bit over the top with sunflower varieties in the gardens.  This year is no exception.  However, I will not bore you with another annual set of photos from the sunflower groves.

But there is one sunflower that I wish to bring to your attention.

At first we thought it would be a standard Great Russian bloom.  But this plant had its own ideas.  My best guess is it is another hybrid created by the bees from last year’s plantings.  For now I am calling it a Great Russian Honey Bear.  It is only half the height of a typical Russian but the bloom is huge.

It started with the bloom opening on August 3rd…

By August 5th the bloom was turning into a very large Honey Bear…

Following NASA’s lead sending a probe to the Sun I sent my lens to the center of this sunflower bloom…

By August 10th the bloom was 10 inches in diameter—twice the size of any Honey Bear (or any sunflower for that matter) I have ever experienced…

Looks ever so much like a huge powder puff for a clown act…

DISCLAIMER–Any interpretation a reader might make that somehow this story is an oblique reference to current Russian or Russian America political stories—is entirely of their own creation  🙂


2 thoughts on “A Great Russian Honey Bear Sunflower Story…

  1. Beautiful! Since I couldn’t grow them in my yard, I would appreciate pictures every year of your sunflower grove!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a huge, unusual and gorgeous sunflower! Named aptly! I’m loving my 12 plants, all have flowered or will! This is what I wanted, a sunflower garden for which to take endless photos and bore others, LOL! I am forever grateful you sent me some of your seeds! Check it out if you haven’t already! https://secondwindleisure.com/2018/08/12/sunday-stills-lazy-days-of-summer/
    It would be nice to have you along for some #sunday Stills challenges! Feel free any time, I post the themes in advance so you can plan if you want. https://secondwindleisure.com/photography/sunday-stills-photo-challenge/

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