Firestorm…One Week Later

Given the somewhat improved air quality, I ventured out this morning to walk Petaluma’s Downtown…for the first time since the fires started. I only had my pocket camera as the larger gear is still packed in case we had to get out of here.  As of now it looks as if we are spared that but not relaxing our guard.

A few positive images from my perambulations…

This slogan is appearing all over Sonoma County…

I love the irony of this image from Putnam Plaza…

I call this image…”Hang in there, we’ll get through this!”

Pet Food Express…



4 thoughts on “Firestorm…One Week Later

    • Pass the blog on to others in need of good news from anywhere in the world. Also including text of e-mail from PPD that just came in:

      For Immediate Release Sunday October 15, 2017
      Issued By: Lieutenant Ron Klein, Petaluma PD

      Location: Petaluma Evacuation Centers

      October 15, 2017

      The Emergency Operating Center in Petaluma wants to thank everyone who has made donations to the various evacuation centers in the city of Petaluma. The support not only this community has shown but also communities from all over Northern California has been amazing.

      We now request no more donations of water, clothes, food or any other items to any of the evacuation centers in Petaluma. The centers are at capacity now as far as donated items and cannot take anymore.

      Again thank you to everyone’s generosity and community spirit. Financial donations can be made through the Red Cross and various other relief funds created for victims of the Sonoma County Fires.

  1. things seem to be improving but the aftermath will be with you all a while. My nephew is being flown from Bend to help fight the fires here. We’re all praying for safety and peace during this time. We know a lot of folks in the bay area, so far no one is directly affected.

    • It will be several years…and it will be a different place. And, I fear, a lot will be permanently displaced

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