Fire! Sonoma & Napa Counties

After a night of 70 mph wind gusts and Red Flag Fire Alerts, we awoke this morning to the news of massive fires north of Petaluma…roads closed, evacuations, schools closed, and severe air quality in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

The fires have not reached Petaluma…but they are just up the road.

This is the view from our garden at 8:00 am…

                      As of 9:14 am 100 Square miles are on fire and no containment.

Roads are clogged and many of our neighbors are not going to work…


5 thoughts on “Fire! Sonoma & Napa Counties

    • So far…So good 🙂 The air is just awful here and they have just issued warnings for us all to stay inside and not to drive anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary. They also reported that no efforts are being made at containment until they have completed rescues. At the moment there is no fear of the fire reaching here…but it is snowing ash all over the place…hopefully not hot ones.

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