Bodega Head…A Slippery Slope :-) ?


This is a familiar view to those who hike the trails in this area…

There is also a path of sorts down to the beach that I do not believe is authorized, but people nonetheless use it.  If you look carefully at the photo above you will see it as a thin line going down the cliff.

On past walks we have noticed people on the beach below; however, this time we watched as three adventurous souls descended the cliff using the “trail” in question. Note: Below the Gallery, in “Oops…Forgot The Camera”,  I have included photos that show how much of a trail there is not 🙂


“Going Down The Cliff”

After viewing the gallery, return to this page and scroll down to see “Oops…Forgot The Camera”

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Oops…Forgot the camera!!



8 thoughts on “Bodega Head…A Slippery Slope :-) ?

  1. Ah yes, I’ve watched these ‘adventuresome’ scramble up and down this ‘path’ a few times. As I recall there is no sign next to the path that dissuades anyone to not use it. Once I saw a guy trapped on that mega rock on the beach, as the tide was coming in. He did manage to jump off and make it back up the ‘path’.

    • We assumed that they made it back up…We returned to the Tides Wharf area for lunch and did not note any rescue helicopters headed for the Head. This, of course, assumes that there is cell service…which there is not! 🙂 🙂

  2. Ah, to be young with feet like a mountain goat! I can’t even walk on flat ground without tripping a breaking a bone, much less scrambling along a fairy trail. Nice work with that camera, Frank 🙂

    • “Fairy Trail”? That is a perfect description of the scene. 🙂 By the bye, I had a heck of a time holding the frame for those shots as the wind was quite gusty making it very difficult to capture the scenes. I can’t imagine what it was like on the face of the cliff.


  3. I did a little more investigating and apparently there are no legal prohibitions against climbing the cliffs. There are strong cautions NOT to do so. This from the UC Davis Bodega Marine Website: “Along several stretches of the Reserve’s boundary with the Pacific Ocean the cliffs are steep, crumbly and nearly impossible to climb up or down safely. A fall from any of these ledges can be disastrous. Always stay a safe distance away from bluff edges and never attempt to climb the cliff sides.”

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