Drone Photos & Videos…Just Around The Corner!

I never know what I will see when I turn a corner onto Water Street during my photo walks in Petaluma’s Downtown.

Last Monday it was Lora Zaguilan from Petaluma’s Drone Honey Bee Creations working her drone camera in flight.  Check out the website to get an idea of the scope of their work…

  • Aerial Videos
  • Aerial Photography
  • For Film, Sports Events, Weddings, Agriculture, and More…
  • Custom Aerial Photography for your business, farm, real estate, or anything you want!

While I was merely earthbound, I did capture an image of Lora and her “gear”–not to mention the best smile I have seen in quite a long time…


Bodega Head…A Slippery Slope :-) ?


This is a familiar view to those who hike the trails in this area…

There is also a path of sorts down to the beach that I do not believe is authorized, but people nonetheless use it.  If you look carefully at the photo above you will see it as a thin line going down the cliff.

On past walks we have noticed people on the beach below; however, this time we watched as three adventurous souls descended the cliff using the “trail” in question. Note: Below the Gallery, in “Oops…Forgot The Camera”,  I have included photos that show how much of a trail there is not 🙂


“Going Down The Cliff”

After viewing the gallery, return to this page and scroll down to see “Oops…Forgot The Camera”

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Oops…Forgot the camera!!