Balshaw Bridge Fitness Center?

It appears that we may have another fitness center in Downtown Petaluma!*

I noticed the gear this morning under the Balshaw Pedestrian Bridge over the Petaluma River.


No editing tricks–images straight from the camera made during this morning’s perambulation…

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

No hours are posted for this new facility.  However, it may be open 24 hours for boaters who want to lift weights while on the river…

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

Balshaw Bridge Barbell

Hmmmm! I wonder what kind of permit was required for this installation?

*While written with tongue in cheek, I hope this will be taken seriously and corrected…Until then, boaters should be careful under the bridge


5 thoughts on “Balshaw Bridge Fitness Center?

    • Will let you know!! However, these things often take time to come to pass…IF YOU GET MY MEANING 🙂

  1. AUTHOR UPDATE–Received an e-mail this morning from a local resident who says the weights are Styrofoam 🙂

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