Instituto De Vino Wino Replaces Hands on Petaluma Clock Tower!

Feeling sorry for us folks in Petaluma having to endure a Clock Tower without hands…and therefore not knowing the time of day…

 Petaluma’s  Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino, after consuming several bottles of Vintage Plonk, negotiated a transfer of clock hands from the Empire Building Clock Tower in Santa Rosa…

You might say that they are lending a hand–two in fact…

Local Wine Institute reports CURE for POTUS Twitteritis Tweets

Officers & Staff of The Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino (La Centre de l’Experience du Vin de Petaluma) awaken from their collective Vin Ordinaire Slumber to release their first newsletter since November 2010.

Why after a Seven Year Hangover does the Instituto speak out?

They were aroused by the Instituto’s new Medical Director Dr. Donillo Drump to alert them as to a new disease, “POTUS MEDIA TRITTERITIS TWEET” spreading across the country on our screens, phones, and even in our dreams. People are all a twitter!!

Dr. Drump has come up with the perfect medical technique for coping with this new disease~ A glass a day of the Instituto’s Vin Ordinaire before breakfast…dscf9387web

In extreme cases Dr. Drump recommends doubling the dose and adding a glass of bourbon…


Dr. Drump guarantees that you will forget everything with this prescription! Insurance deductibles do apply however!


Photos by the Instituto’s famed Anvil Adams