Today I received an Official Document from Washington DC…


The document contained therein advised that I am a finalist to win a 2017 Toyota Prius. Apparently they have been trying to contact me before as the envelope clearly indicates this is the “Final Attempt”!

I checked the address on 611 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington…


Apparently an entity called PVS at 225 W First St in Casper Wy is in charge of the contest.

I checked out the address contained in the Offical Document…


Don’t you just LOVE Google Maps!!

By the Bye, as I am awfully busy with other official documents from Washington during tax time, I regret that I will not have time to seek the prize.  Sigh…such is life…




9 thoughts on “I am a FINALIST!

  1. My late father-in-law got a check from Bank of America. He wanted to cash it. We just talked with him about the possibilities of people giving away free money. He still wanted to go. He then found out from the bank that one person did deposit the check and spent the money. Not long after that, the bank said the check was fake, now he had to deposit his own money to cover the spending. Why would people do such a thing, especially to senior citizens?????
    Thank you for he follow. I follow back! Keep in touch!

    • People of a certain age (such as us) get these “invitations” all the time–and they also come in via the phone. Scams of all sorts. This one I thought particularly funny. Not as much fun as the regular solicitations to free lunches to discuss the benefits of cremation 🙂

      • I like the last one!! When I get that, I get offended. If I could live as long as my parents, I still have many years to go. They sent that to me because they could have traced that I had cancer! For a while, I got quite a few email, saying that they inherited millions, and wanted to share!!!

  2. I too got mine in the mail today …. immediately online to check this obvious scam … thank you for the article. What a waste of trees.

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