Petaluma Street Lights–ONE person does it all!!!

Several years ago I noticed that some street lights were on all the time and decided to be a “good citizen” and report them. I was advised that they only had one person for this task and it would take some time.

I did not follow-up on any of this but remembered it when a street light problem recently developed on our street–half the lights were out. So I reported it last March via the City web page. Here is their prompt response…

“Thank you for your submission…we will make every effort to address your request in a timely manner…Please note that at this time, because of reduced staffing, the Public Works Department has fewer personnel available to work on street light outages. We have one full time Street Light Technician working to eliminate the backlog of requests.”


Changing Street Lamp 1910a1



Crows Nest In Petaluma River!!


Local crows– found in open and clear violation of “Cal Fornia” Penal Code!! 😦


In front of the entire public on Water Street they took over an Abandoned Shopping Cart in the Petaluma River–visible only at low tide.


Oh the shock and shame of it all…such a blatant disregard of the law…DSCF8517WEB