Take A Photo…Make A Print?

From time to time, I am fortunate to “capture images” that give me pause and demand a physical print. For the most part I have been able to satisfy my printing needs with my Epson Photo printer.  Lately, however, I have slipped into desiring very large prints on canvas and metal and have been able to secure them from local photo services such as Shutterbug or Bay Photo.

All went well until I wanted a print of a large metal panorama composed of three Egret photos from Water Street in Petaluma. Securing a full-sized print of a panorama photo without cropping is not easy to come by as it is a non-standard image size. After checking with many printing labs online I almost gave up because the lab was not set up to do it or I did not understand what they were saying they could do.

Fortunately I was directed to Digital Grange in Petaluma.Once there, Bill Kane patiently and quickly advised me as to what was possible in terms of non-standard sizes and offered several excellent options…

  • I could have gone as large as 56 inches in width with the image at hend but I was not trying to panel a room!
  • I decided on a width of  36 inches which meant that the height of the final print would be 11 1/4 inches.
  • For the record, Digital Grange can print up to 72” in width on metal with 48×72” being the largest size. They can print considerably larger on paper and canvas. Up to 60” by 40 feet!  They recently printed a 5×23 foot image for a client.

If nothing else, this meeting with Bill demonstrated the importance of actually talking with someone face to face to exchange information and to make decisions.  A quaint concept these days.

In short order I picked up the print…and WOW! It clearly exceeded my expectations!!!

Imagine, if you will, the screen image below as a large metal print on your wall…Trust me, the image on your screen does not come close to the print produced by Digital Grange.

Egret Triplets

Egret Triplets


  • Underlying Photo Details: Exposure Time 1/60 Sec, F 2.5. ISO 200, Aperture Priority, Hand Held.  Shot in RAW and converted to TIFF for printing.
  • The final metal print produced by Digital Grange’s was 11 1/4 inches by 36 inches at 266 dpi.  Size 9567 pixels by 3013.


* “Digital Grange is the partnership of Bill Kane, Joe McDonald, and their colleagues, designed to serve the creative community by providing a complete range of artist services for the digital creation and final presentation of fine artwork. Together they offer the highest quality photography, digital imaging, archival large format printing, framing/ support systems and graphic design services.”

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  2. Beautiful, Frank! Would love to see the actual print.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.


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