Ah, December…Tis The Season

Once again we are on the verge (dare I say, “precipice”) of ending one year and starting another.

In the spirit of the moment, I offer a few images to celebrate the moment and the season…

Our Backyard

Our Backyard

Christmas "Food" Socks, Calistoga

Christmas “Food” Socks, Calistoga

Putnam Plaza, Petaluma

Putnam Plaza, Petaluma

EmojiMerry Christmas & A Happy New Year!Emoji

Downtown Petaluma

Downtown Petaluma


7 thoughts on “Ah, December…Tis The Season

  1. You’re becoming a photographer Frank, whether you like the label or not. Your backyard photo is beautiful, what is the plant?

  2. We’re expecting a little more “real” snow tonight — but actually have had a record-breaking mild fall. Bet you don’t miss your snow shovel.

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