Can One Photograph “Irony”?

Photographs of Irony?

Perhaps, Perhaps not.

In any event, I may have come close with these photos of discarded paper cups in Petaluma.

The cups carry the name, “Earth Cup” with a slogan: We’re the Solution, not the Pollution.

The cups are a well meaning expression of concern for the environment but they still ended up as part of the detritus & flotsam in our streets and river.

Obviously the users did not “absorb” the slogan on the cup Emoji

Earth Cup

Earth Cup


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One thought on “Can One Photograph “Irony”?

  1. I think they are meant to be biodegradable. Paper is cellulose + umm, chemicals. Dioxins are a bi-product of bleaching. So while it is better than Styrofoam, it’s not there yet, Ironically. Ha! Good series.

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