So, where will you die?

Of course, one never knows where or when they will die, but if you are homeless, the chances are you will die alone…on the street…or in a cold dark place.

And so it was last night in Downtown Petaluma…

“B” Street at Petaluma Blvd. South

“B” Street at Petaluma Blvd. South

Petaluma Police Report No 14-6086

“At approximately 7:30 pm, a citizen reported seeing a man lying face down on the sidewalk near the intersection of “B” Street and Petaluma Boulevard South in downtown Petaluma.  The citizen called 911, and Petaluma Police and Fire units responded.  The man was transported to Petaluma Valley Hospital, where he was declared deceased.  The deceased man was known to be a local transient.”

“The deceased subject had a visible head injury; investigation is continuing to determine how the injury was sustained and its relevance to the case.  An autopsy is expected to take place this week.”

Petaluma 360

“This is the eighth time this year that a person believed to be homeless was found dead outside in Petaluma and the 21st since 2010….During the same four-year period, Petaluma police conducted 238 death investigations overall. Tuesday night’s body is the first of the homeless deaths found on a downtown street….”

“B” Street at Petaluma Blvd. South

“B” Street at Petaluma Blvd. South

Update 12/19/14–The man has been identified as MICHAEL LEE PATTON, 60 YRS

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5 thoughts on “So, where will you die?

  1. Frank -I am so grateful to you for bringing light to these hard-to-swallow realities. Homelessness is a truth that society tries very hard to ignore but homelessness is a very real issue in America as well as in Petaluma.

  2. America has a very real history of transients hobo lifestyles that harkens back to post-Civil War job seekers heading West to work in the expanding agricultural regions.

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  4. God bless the meek. we dont help them enough as they struggle with brain disorders like addiction and mental illness. in the richest country in the world we shun and shame the invisible. R.I.P. my beautiful friend Amy who died last friday on Lakeville.

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