So, where do you sleep?

I realize that the homeless population is a topic that we read about or see in San Francisco or on some of the trails or waterways in Petaluma.  But their plight often becomes more visible and serves to remind us of their reality…

As to what to do to help them, I leave that to others.

But consider this person who takes refuge and sleeps on the sidewalks in downtown Petaluma…

Storefront, Petaluma Blvd

Storefront, Petaluma Blvd

Storefront, Western Avenue

Storefront, Western Avenue


4 thoughts on “So, where do you sleep?

  1. If I were to rescue anymore people or animals, I’d be homeless. It’s a hard call. I’ve limited myself now because I was getting overwhelmed. I hand out umbrellas and coats for dogs and food for owners and dogs and feed ferals. I’m pretty tapped out and I’d like to enjoy the holidays. It’s hard when you see people on the street. I can’t take them all in. I can’t even do the rescue at home anymore for ferals. I do what I can. If I do much more, I won’t be able to take care of myself. If everybody could chip in and do something where there is a need I.e; donate time, money, spay, neuter, etc. then it would not be on the minority to pick up the pieces and do everything. I’m pretty burned out at this point.

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  3. Give them a foreclosed property ,that will be self.managed and self sufficient. They can police their own and make evey one be employed … they ca follow their own ” constitution”. If they dont want to be on the property then they can find another town to pillage. Weitten by a homeless person myself. Ask for mw down town. My name is Jonas.

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