Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Part II

In October  of last year I documented this California road behavior in Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Riding On the Edge

Consider this posting as an update.

I am amazed these riders got through on their Harleys considering the size of their bikes.

Think of it as just squeezing by… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Lane Splitting…Part II

  1. Did I see a couple of laws broken in these pics? And how slow can you go and still keep your balance? Did I tell you that a couple of years ago I rode through Death Valley on the back of a Gold Wing?

    • What you see here is not legal or illegal in California. Of course it is illegal in all the other states. Check out my first post on this subject (the link is contained in the article) for background. Basically, in California it is tolerated and the riders do so at their own risk. One time, a rider hit our mirror he was so close. As an old biker I can tell you that much below 10 mph balance becomes an issue. Frequently the lane splitters are going 30 to 40 mph in slow traffic and much faster if the lanes are moving. You on a Gold Wing?? Now you are talking!

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