Petaluma Pete’s Piano…sans Pete!

I knew that Petaluma Pete had taken to parking a spare piano downtown from time to time to see if others would stop and practice a few riffs…

Piano Pete's Piano

Piano Pete’s Piano

I recall a story or video on the Internet where someone had done the same thing in a busy transit terminal somewhere. Quite a few people stopped by…perhaps students at Julliard…and really put on a show.  I did not imagine that I would ever see it here.


One July morning I was taking my therapy walk downtown. As I approached the Shutterbug, I heard the very distinct piano sounds of Chicago style boogie woogie. I knew that Pete’s Public Piano was around the corner but the style told me it wasn’t Pete playing.  I almost expected to see Erwin Helfer or Barrrelhouse Chuck (Think Rush Street in Chicago) as I turned the corner…




Was he any good?  Oh yeah!