Spring Cleaning…getting rid of the wood burning fireplace

Spring is the time of year when many engage in a little extra cleaning around the house.  This year we added another item to the annual work order—Get rid of the wood burning fireplace!

1Before 1 IMG_0039

After a winter of “spare the air” days last winter, we decided it was time to move on…and away…from toasty wood burning evenings in the family room.  This, of course, required contracting with professionals to carry it out.  We still wanted a supplemental heating unit in that room and elected to go with an electrical unit instead of a natural gas unit.

So we got out of the way, so to speak, and within a few days, Ohana Construction  of  Petaluma presented us with this…


Now, when we want to take the chill off the room, we merely have to click a remote! No more kindling…no more ashes…no more checking on whether it is a “Spare the Air” day.


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A Cat…Taxes & Tats

Ah, April in Northern California!

Trees are budding…

Flowers are blooming….

And, of course, we are just days from the deadline to file our income tax returns.  Many do it online.  Many use tax preparation programs.  Many turn to tax services or accountants for assistance.

We still rely upon the old-fashioned technique, of paper, calculator and pen.

However, we do rely upon one of our cats as a tax advisor… a Cat Tax Accountant, if you will…

Double check your figures...

Double check your figures…!!

And, of course, even the cat accountant has an opinion about the tax forms…

Stupid tax forms!

Stupid tax forms!

For the truly adventurous there is a novel tax treat—In Healdsburg you can pick up a tattoo after doing your taxes… Emoji

Tax & Tat

Tax & Tat

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