Breaking News! Jumping Stilts in Petaluma!

The staff at The Petaluma Spectator (I, Me, Myself & My Shadow) are pleased to be the first to report on the latest pedestrian advancement…first spotted on the East Side…

Jumping Stilts

Jumping Stilts

Jumping Stilts! Think of them, I suppose, as a pogo stick on each leg…

Petaluma DSCF5405cWeb

Granted, we did a triple take when encountering this scene.  For more information check out Jumping Stilts – A NEW Sport With Super Human Abilities!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News! Jumping Stilts in Petaluma!

  1. Good grief that’s my son! What a goof! He’s having tons of fun with them though. Just hope he doesn’t break his neck, or his arm, or leg, or… :/

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