Holiday Gifts…Made In…Mailed From…

It is an accepted fact of life that most, if not all, of our consumer goods are made outside of the United States. It is also true that many of them are purchased online as opposed to visiting brick and mortar shopping malls.

Recently, however, I experienced a bit of a novelty as an online shopper when I opened the packages…

 Apple Records/EMI Mary Hopkin album from 1968 reissued as a CD…Made in Poland!

Made In Poland

Made In Poland

A camera accessory made in China (of course) but this one was MAILED from China!

Mailed From China

Mailed From China

To help the trade balance I  offer a “Made In The USA” image .  Go to Sonoma County Holiday Scenes…


3 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts…Made In…Mailed From…

  1. Hi Frank, After seeing this, I could not resist telling you about another emerging trend along the lines of `made in China’. Since May of this year, we have been caring for my brother’s 3 children (4, 7, 10) , produced as a result of his double life in China. He tells me that it is very common for pilots to produce offspring, and they are lined up awaiting import to the U.S.!

  2. Poland is a major manufacturer of many things (porcelan dishes included) because of cheap labor. If you insist on pampering the working class with a living wage and benefits, you can’t be manufacturers. (Sarcasm)

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