Red Sunflowers–From Massachusetts To California

Several years ago friends from Cape Cod, Massachusetts sent us seeds from red sunflower plants that sprouted as volunteers on their beach.  We planted them to see if we could also grow them here in California.  The population has changed over the years, producing several varieties in color and providing a home for visiting insects and bees!

The sunflowers in this year’s crop were recently described by a passerby as sentinels…standing tall.

Sunflower Sentinels

Sunflower Sentinels

As the plants advance into fall, the blooms fade and the pods become a seed banquet table for the birds.

The first gallery below contains photos from summer and the second gallery is…shall we say…just for the birdsEmoji


As you will see in the summer gallery, the “reds” have expanded their color horizons while maintaining a home for visiting insects and bees!

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  1. Have never seen red sunflowers — love them! Note to self…plant sunflowers next summer. Thank you for sharing your pics — I’m really enjoying them, especially as cold weather threatens.

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