Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping…Carts in 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I hope that everyone has something to be thankful for!  If not, you can take comfort in the fact that many of your favorite stores will be open on Thanksgiving! In addition many restaurants will be open to fuel the hungry shoppers! Best of all, shopping carts will get a workout on Turkey Day!

Yes indeed! According to the Oracle of the 21st Century (The Internet), Walmart, Target, and Kmart will be standing at the ready to facilitate your purchases early on Thanksgiving Morn. In addition, Best Buy and Macy’s are opening their doors in many locales.

Nordstrom apparently is the Grinch of the Retail World and won’t be open. Emoji

Be sure and check with your local stores and be first in line.

For shoppers in Petaluma there is an added a la shopping cart bonus this shopping season!  If you are too tired to return your shopping carts, there is a convenient drop off point at Sonoma Mountain and East Washington….

Shopping CartsaWeb


Photo Gallery for 2013 Now Available!

I have finally assembled, edited, processed, and posted a random selection of photos on the 2013 Gallery Page…a photo collection, if you will, documenting scenes I’ve encountered this year in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties.

This year the Gallery Page is in three parts–a main gallery, plus two slideshows.

  • “Sights & Scenes…Marin Napa & Sonoma” (Main Gallery)
  • “Walking the…Dog…Horse…Cat” (Slideshow)
  • “Signs” (Slideshow)

To view all three, go to Sights & Scenes Gallery 2013

On the other hand, you can simply click on the tab at the top of the page!

As a tease, I offer these…

Petaluma’s Project Linus…Holiday Craft Faire

Nationally, Project Linus “blanketeers” have produced and delivered over 4.7 million handmade blankets and afghans to children in need because of trauma or illness. There are 368 chapters of Project Linus in the United States and one of them is here in Petaluma. In recent years the local chapter has produced and delivered over 10,000 blankets.

To help fund their efforts this year and next, the North Bay Chapter of Project Linus is hosting a “Holiday Craft Bazaar” on Saturday, November 16th!


The crafts on sale are handmade by the members and supporters of Project Linus. Items include scarves, hats, baby/children clothes, jewelry, holiday decorations, washcloths, baked goods, quilts,etc.

A few photos from one of their recent Holiday Craft events is in order…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NOTE! New  for this year’s event are outdoor wooden holiday decorations and signs handmade by Bill Wasik! See slideshow below! Photos by Pat Wasik…

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Need A New Mattress? Come to Petaluma!

Recently navigating the snail paced traffic across town in pursuit of personal errands…


…I noted the number of Petaluma mattress stores–all within slightly more than a mile of each other!

Mattress Collage Web

Clearly Petalumans do not have to go far to purchase a new mattress!

Perhaps some of the traffic is due to out of town customers?

If needs be, perhaps one can put their new mattress to immediate use by plopping it down on the sidewalk and taking a nap until the traffic clears!

Red Sunflowers–From Massachusetts To California

Several years ago friends from Cape Cod, Massachusetts sent us seeds from red sunflower plants that sprouted as volunteers on their beach.  We planted them to see if we could also grow them here in California.  The population has changed over the years, producing several varieties in color and providing a home for visiting insects and bees!

The sunflowers in this year’s crop were recently described by a passerby as sentinels…standing tall.

Sunflower Sentinels

Sunflower Sentinels

As the plants advance into fall, the blooms fade and the pods become a seed banquet table for the birds.

The first gallery below contains photos from summer and the second gallery is…shall we say…just for the birdsEmoji


As you will see in the summer gallery, the “reds” have expanded their color horizons while maintaining a home for visiting insects and bees!

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