Petaluma Art & Garden Festival

A brief photo tour of one of our favorite street events in Petaluma



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2 thoughts on “Petaluma Art & Garden Festival

  1. I love art festivals! Perfect place for a photographer — I especially like the tiger chalk pic. East Peoria had its first art festival in June, run by a lady who ran that one in Peoria for Peoria Art Guild. She had all the contacts to get it off on the right foot. It took place in the new Levee District — I’m still getting acquainted with the new EPeoria — you wouldn’t recognize it.

  2. It is one of several street events in town, but it is my favorite. The biggest one is the Butter & Eggs Parade. At one time in history Petaluma was the Egg Capital of the world. The land that was not used for raising chickens was (and still is) for dairy cattle.

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