What the…$&#&$$!…in our garden

OK…so I am out in the garden this morning doing a quick check.  I noticed  a “weed” and gave it a quick pull.

Instead of it coming out of the ground with roots dangling, something else was firmly attached to the plant…

A Walnut?

A Walnut?

To my eye, it was a walnut and it was sprouting…


My only explanation is that there are a lot of crows in the area and they regularly drop their food items on the street to crack them open. Perhaps this was the result of a bad shot on the crows part.  In any event, as it managed to make it this far, I decided to give it a chance in a small container…

A future tree?

A future tree?

If it turns into a walnut tree, perhaps I will donate it to Petaluma’s Walnut Park…EmojiEmojiEmoji 

3 thoughts on “What the…$&#&$$!…in our garden

  1. Better leave it in your yard, especially if it’s a black walnut tree…what with the price of black walnuts! ; ) With all the rain we’ve been having I’m planning to take my pliers to the little oak trees I have in my yard.

  2. Frank, I have watched blue jays in our garden (from a window a bit a far, dig a hole and place, sunflower seeds from the bird feeder mix, and acorns. Before observing them farm, had always presumed that these `volunteers’ I would find in the garden were merely dropped by careless crows, and others. Have not seen them plant a walnut yet, but just pulled a nicely developing one from the well tilled vegetable garden soil, have not seen crows in there, so trying to imagine a blue jay with a walnut in his mouth and it is hard to do!
    Continually amazed by nature.

  3. Bravo, Frank. You saved a life.
    I have watched crows pick up walnuts from our yard, fly them over the street and dive bomb them to crack them open.

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