The End of AT & T Landline…?

If they prevail, AT&T will soon drop support of the copper wire phone line system. For details as to their plans, see AT&T: landline phone service must die; only question is when | Ars Technica

But it may mean more than losing landline phone service.  It will also impact those who access the Internet using DSL over the phone lines, such as AT&T’s very own U-VERSE or independent ISP providers such as Sonic.

When I read the article, I did not realize how soon I may have an advance look into the future. Phone lines in our part of town have always been, shall we say, marginal.  However, when we have periods of cold rainy weather, things can become problematic in terms of phone service and DSL service. It is also not helpful that phone utility boxes are sometimes left open to exposure to the rain and fog…

Since November 21, I have witnessed a steady stream of utility trucks in the area…

All the visits were in response to complaints about lack of phone service and/or DSL Internet service…

In our case, we are awaiting a second visit from AT&T to try and correct the line problem.  At the moment, We have service, but it is sporadic at best, usually about an hour a day.  The challenge at the moment is to determine which hour we have service.


2 thoughts on “The End of AT & T Landline…?

  1. Finally after eight days, we have phone and DSL service restored…for now It has always been a standing joke in our ‘Hood to run and check the phones, if we see a phone company truck in the area. Proof, I suppose that the infrastructure has always been tenuous at best. Given the recent developments, the trend certainly seems to be even further downward.

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