American Alley…Hidden Scenes

Second in the series about Petaluma’s American Alley

A collaborative project with Independent Journalist, Frances Rivetti

Past articles are filed under American Alley

In American Alley what you see or notice is dependent on the lighting, which changes quickly due to the fact that it is a narrow passageway not unlike the bottom of a steep, narrow canyon. 

American Alley, Western Avenue Exit © Frank Simpson

  • Scenes in the “canyon” may only be readily noticeable for a few minutes before returning to the shadows.
  • Another factor influencing color and visibility in the alley is whether the pavement and walls are wet or dry. 


The Nooks & Crannies of American Alley

The slideshow does contain a few examples of unauthorized “street art” but there are other mysteries, known only to those who created them. For example, consider the images of the religious icon or statuary in the wall or the castle by the downspout. 

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TOMORROW:  American Alley’s Secret WPA Murals…Hiding in Plain Sight…PART I — The story of how fickle lighting conditions led me to “discover” the murals behind Copperfield’s and the collective search to uncover their history.

For those who care to linger over any of the photos in this article, see the gallery below.


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  3. Neat! I’m happy you are finding these treasures, and sharing with the rest of us. Always important to “stay in the moment,” right? Have been more aware of my surroundings since geocaching with my cousins.

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