What the…?

It has been almost two years since I explored any part of the Lynch Creek Trail, west of McDowell. I quit mostly as I got tired of the graffiti, garbage, etc.  Monday morning I decided to venture down the trail as far as the Weir. Not much has changed except that there is not as much graffiti as before, although the gang graffiti has taken over in places.  I did note that the trail is getting narrower as the vegetation takes over. 

But the point of this post was a very unusual scene I encountered on the trail.  About 50 feet ahead of me, a man was on his knees with his back towards me. I stopped and waited to see what he was going to do. Eventually, he got up and rode away on his bicycle.

This is what he left on the trail, as documented by my pocket camera…

"Butts in Crack" © Frank Simpson

What the…?

Giving up smoking perhaps?

Well, upon closer examination, they turned out to be electronic cigarettes…  

"Modern Cigarette" © Frank Simpson

Perhaps a part of some group therapy exercise? An offering to the anti-smoking gods?



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  1. Wow. Around here someone seeing that would have immediately thought “BOMB! TERRORIST!” They’d have crapped their pants, pulled out a gun, and shot the guy to save the Republic.


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