Hire Me, Fire Me, Anything Helps!

Poor and out of work in Petaluma…

McDowell & Washington Square February 24, 2012     © Frank Simpson

What is increasingly visible on the streets of Petaluma is, of course, part of the larger “picture” of the economy in the United States.

The BBC World Service documentary, America’s Poor, …explores America’s underworld of poverty where people live in storm drains and tented camps and where children go hungry.” BBC World Service

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3 thoughts on “Hire Me, Fire Me, Anything Helps!

  1. I volunteer at Nearly Nu — not a consignment shop — people donate good items, which we sell — and profits support Pekin Hospital. And have had a couple of people come in needing money and trying to sell something. I can’t give them money but have learned from a fellow volunteer to keep some money in a pocket to make up the money due when someone is short. And I’ve noticed lately that we have more people coming in to our Church food pantry than attending Church the same week. We can’t ignore this situation!

  2. I don’t find myself proud to be in a society and living in a system that allows this to happen. So called “primitive” tribes in South America and elsewhere do not allow people to fall through the cracks neglected like this to the extent we do. Every good deed helps, of course, and every handout is needed at that moment. But I continue to say the system sucks, and short term handouts without system change are a pathetic comment about a society. Be ashamed America. Be very ashamed. Not about your generosity. About your system.

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