Santa Rosa’s Bicycle Obelisk aka Cyclisk

We first noticed this structure a month ago while driving north on 101 through Santa Rosa. From that perspective we could not make out what it was precisely but it was certainly tall and looked as if it was composed of scrap metal. It caught our attention because the sun happened to be at an angle that made it glow. 

Finally, last Friday, we decided to take a closer look and located it on Santa Rosa Avenue near the new Nissan dealership.

There were no identifying signs or placards. 

We later learned, courtesy of Mr. Google, that the structure was part of the public arts program in Santa Rosa and that some of the funds came from the new Nissan dealership. Mr. Google also  provided links to sites that offer a fuller explanation of how it came to be.  There is also one news story from the Press Democrat about a protestor who got stuck while climbing it last November. (See related links below)

It is something to behold…

It is all of five stories tall and is composed of used bicycle parts welded to form an obelisk…or what in this case is called a Cyclisk. Parts from 340 bicycles and one tricycle make up the welded structure. 

Hmmm. I wonder…. If a bicycle store were to participate in the public arts program, would the structure be made with….Oh, never mind! 

Enjoy the photos…


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California Artists Build Obelisk Out of Bicycles  Mark D. Grieve and Ilana Spector

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