How to Kill Your Dog…

I have often wondered about the common practice of carrying dogs in the back of pick-up trucks…insofar as the well-being of the dog is concerned.  Oh, but of course they are OK if they are leashed to the bed of the truck. Or so the story goes.

Not necessarily so. 

Consider this story from a contact in Alaska…

Spade, a Labrador Retriever. went everywhere with “F” in the back of his pick-up.  At first the dog was not restrained, but after Spade jumped out of the truck several times, including one time when the truck was moving, “F” decided to leash him from his collar to a part of the truck bed.  He went into town one day to run some errands, and on returning home [6 miles] out-of-town, to his horror he found Spade had jumped out somewhere along the route and hanged himself.  Poor Spade was dead.

 When he got his next dog, he always put the dog in a dog carrier which was securely lashed to the truck bed.

All of this brings us to this morning in a retail parking lot somewhere in Petaluma. A man leashed (as in cabled) his dog to the bed of his truck and went into the store.  Shortly thereafter, the dog leaped out of the truck bed and was jerked backwards by the cable. The dog somehow managed to avoid breaking its neck or strangling by eventually getting its footing…

We reported the situation to the store clerks who immediately went searching for the truck owner.



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