A Walk In A Park…A dog park to be precise

Petaluma’s Rocky Memorial Dog Park…
I freely admit that I know nothing about dogs.  To be sure, there are big dogs. There are little dogs.  There are dogs that bark…and those that don’t.  That is the sum total of my dog knowledge and experience. 

So why a post about Petaluma’s Rocky Memorial Dog Park?  The answer is simple.  I have been more or less restricted to quarters with a troublesome shoulder for two weeks and jumped at an invitation from neighbors to ride along with them to the park with Charley, their 85 pound Chesador.  

It was quite an experience.  A great cure for my cabin fever, if you will.

What the heck! Who am I kidding? 

It was great fun watching the dogs running free, playing, socializing, and having an all around good time. 

This is also the case for the “humans” in the park.  As one person put it: “This is a wonderful place for both canines and humans to socialize and exercise. It’s better than the coffee shop. There are walking paths, fresh air and the ability to watch dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities. The dogs love the park, the open space to run and play. You can hear them barking and howling from the cars and trucks as the owners pull into the parking lot.” 

Rocky Memorial is quite large, almost 8 acres and is well maintained by the users. It was named after Rocky, a famed Petaluma Police K-9 that saved an officer’s life and later died in the line of duty while working in Colorado.

Perhaps the scene is best described by a few photos. Check out the slideshow below


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One thought on “A Walk In A Park…A dog park to be precise

  1. I often walk nearby, where we can see the dog park, and it is wonderful to see the dogs running full-out and enjoying themselves so much! I wish there were a place on the other side of town where dogs could run off-leash that was open all the time. Sadly, the only area I know of is only open in the early mornings, and after that, many owners still bring their dogs off-leash – which really doesn’t work when other dogs are leash-restricted. Dogs are naturally protective and territorial, and when there is a power imbalance, they react accordingly. They can become aggressive to one another, and to people just walking by, which sort of spoils the area for everyone.

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