Street Scenes & Signs…Bridging 2011 to 2012

I thought it fitting to launch the New Year with a slideshow of hitherto unpublished “street” photos, mostly of a whimsical nature.  One, however, is not so whimsical.

It is a scene that will be repeated again and again in 2012…

The Foreclosure & Short Sale Blues

The Foreclosure & Short Sale Blues (Petaluma, CA) © Frank Simpson


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*Slideshow Photo Notes

  1. Tomato Still Life–I have no idea who left the cans on the bench.  They were just there.
  2. Teame Gold–For those not familiar with Petaluma, the photo documents the current status of a sign that used to read “Steamer Gold.” Time and the elements have modified it. 
  3. Revolution–a sticker prominently displayed on a litter can next to McNears in Petaluma.

PHOTO ALERT:To see two rather esoteric, if not exotic, (non-street scene) photos, go to Colors…to Black and to White




2 thoughts on “Street Scenes & Signs…Bridging 2011 to 2012

  1. “Unfinished business” is the subject of my year-end ruminations…a cousin’s daughter who is fighting non-Hodgkins lymphoma — we had planned to celebrate her graduation from U of I in May with a trip to New York City — all we can do is pray that Mayo’s has another treatment for her. Additionally, encouraged by success of Look! It’s My Book! — we now distribute to nine District 150 schools. 30,000 books so far (Caterpillar matching donations). We’ll just keep on “keepin on.”

    • The news about your cousin’s daugther got my attention, to say the least. Hope it works out with Mayo’s. You hang in there!

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