A Walk In A Park…A dog park to be precise

Petaluma’s Rocky Memorial Dog Park…
I freely admit that I know nothing about dogs.  To be sure, there are big dogs. There are little dogs.  There are dogs that bark…and those that don’t.  That is the sum total of my dog knowledge and experience. 

So why a post about Petaluma’s Rocky Memorial Dog Park?  The answer is simple.  I have been more or less restricted to quarters with a troublesome shoulder for two weeks and jumped at an invitation from neighbors to ride along with them to the park with Charley, their 85 pound Chesador.  

It was quite an experience.  A great cure for my cabin fever, if you will.

What the heck! Who am I kidding? 

It was great fun watching the dogs running free, playing, socializing, and having an all around good time. 

This is also the case for the “humans” in the park.  As one person put it: “This is a wonderful place for both canines and humans to socialize and exercise. It’s better than the coffee shop. There are walking paths, fresh air and the ability to watch dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities. The dogs love the park, the open space to run and play. You can hear them barking and howling from the cars and trucks as the owners pull into the parking lot.” 

Rocky Memorial is quite large, almost 8 acres and is well maintained by the users. It was named after Rocky, a famed Petaluma Police K-9 that saved an officer’s life and later died in the line of duty while working in Colorado.

Perhaps the scene is best described by a few photos. Check out the slideshow below


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All A Twitter Over Our New Kindle

Or…in the alternative…how we took the leap of faith from Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi.

To be sure, our household has its share of electronic devices and technology toys.  However, we tend to pick and choose…and to resist many. A few examples will serve to explain:

  • We have a cellphone, but it is decidedly not smart
  • Music, movies, and what used to be called TV are delivered via CD or DVD
  • Our computer is a one year old desktop (our fourth) with 23 inch monitor
  • No “I” anything, tablets, notebooks, or laptops

However, modernity does tend to insert itself into our home from time to time. After all, risk is the currency of life.

Recently, the distaff side of our household started musing about possibly buying an e-reader of some kind.  After casually, if not surreptitiously, looking at the various offerings, the e-reader urge finally took us to Staples where we settled on and purchased a Kindle.

We brought the proud purchase home and began the usual climb up the learning curve.  To put it simply, we of the keyboard & mouse generation were initially puzzled as to how to turn it on.  Skipping ahead, there is a very good instruction manual…but it was loaded on the Kindle.  Eventually we found the manual online and finally got  the unit lit…so to speak. 

However, to readily access the finer points in the manual, we (being ancient members of the keyboard & mouse generation) printed off the manual. 

Yes, we went to hard copy to learn how to use the e-reader.

Such is irony…

© Frank Simpson

I can report a general satisfaction with the Kindle, although we are still struggling with the finer points of Wi-Fi downloads.  3G works fine in most instances but some sources only use Wi-Fi. Wow! Is that geeky enough for you?

In any event, it is now time to return to reading…”Hey, it’s my turn to use the Kindle!”

© Frank Simpson

Street Scenes & Signs…Bridging 2011 to 2012

I thought it fitting to launch the New Year with a slideshow of hitherto unpublished “street” photos, mostly of a whimsical nature.  One, however, is not so whimsical.

It is a scene that will be repeated again and again in 2012…

The Foreclosure & Short Sale Blues

The Foreclosure & Short Sale Blues (Petaluma, CA) © Frank Simpson


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*Slideshow Photo Notes

  1. Tomato Still Life–I have no idea who left the cans on the bench.  They were just there.
  2. Teame Gold–For those not familiar with Petaluma, the photo documents the current status of a sign that used to read “Steamer Gold.” Time and the elements have modified it. 
  3. Revolution–a sticker prominently displayed on a litter can next to McNears in Petaluma.

PHOTO ALERT:To see two rather esoteric, if not exotic, (non-street scene) photos, go to Colors…to Black and to White