The Eleventh Hour…The Eleventh Day…11 11 11

Veterans Day! 

Formerly known as Armistice Day when World War I hostilities ceased on the

Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

Veterans Day this year is a numerology special…11-11-11. In honor of the day, I offer a photo, made on November 4, 2011, which I call The State of the Union

101 E Washington Exit Southbound

The caption describes the physical location of the flag…placed there by….Who knows? It is a site where you can often spot homeless people.

Perhaps a homeless veteran planted the flag between the freeway sign and the sign post.

Such is the ambiguous nature of our times. 

On a lighter note, there are 11 new photos on THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG. I have selected 3 of them (numerologists should have fun with this choice) for an identification challenge in support of some of our local NGO’s, the library, and the Animal Shelter.  For more information as to the rules of the challenge, go to 11 Photos for 11 11 11 Plus A Challenge